New release – Recorder is now in private beta, sharing and keyboard shortcuts

New version of cross browser testing tool Browserbite!We update our application regularty, but I figure that this release will be worth a separate post since we’ve incorporated quite a few new things that our users have requested. Browserbite is committed to be the simplest to use cross browser testing service available.

Browserbite Recorder beta

We have announced the support for flow testing in a previous post¬†with a video. In short, we have married layout bug detection engine with functional testing. We’re still accepting participants to our beta program. Send an e-mail to if you want to participate!

Sharing is now even easier

We changed around the sharing system to make it more straightforward to share cross browser testing results with your colleagues. Now you don’t need to mess around with e-mail programs. Simply throw in the e-mail of your friend and a quick comment. Then it’s shared!

New keyboard shortcuts

You can use up-down and left-right arrows to move around the resultset with ease. Thanks to the new Recorder you can stroll through the steps of your test while keeping the browser that interests you opened in full mode. Just try the arrow keys while browsing the results and you’ll get it!

What’s in the roadmap?

We will be adding more browsers to the Recorder support and roll out Android that has been cooking in the labs for quite a while. After that, behold the responsive tests!

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