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Browserbite is shutting down

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All good things come to an end.

Browserbite public cross browser testing service has been shut down as of 10th of January 2018.

It’s been a fun and challenging time for the whole team. We saw hundreds of new browser versions, onslaught of mobile, we worked hard, but alas! this one did not make it to the hayday. We hope that we made at least a little dent in this universe.

We sincerely thank all the customers, partners and basically all who supported with money, advice, feedback, beer, blood, sweat and tears through these years.

Queries about the image-based comparison technology of Browserbite will still be answered. It has it’s uses and is still much more trustworthy than the average tester. If you need two pictures compared that are precisely different but “roughly the same” we probably have the tookit and know-how for you.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Kaspar, Tõnis and Marti

Status update – maintenance done

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We have experienced an unexpected electricity loss resulting in unavailability of our web application. We apologise for the inconvenience and are working hard with our partners to get our service back online.

[edit] Everything is up and running now!

Test your website in iPhone 6 and Android Lollipop

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iPad Air and iPad MiniApple recently announced the iOS 8. We’re now able to test websites in these devices also on Browserbite. iPhone 6 introduces two new form factors and new resolutions along with a new Safari on iOS 8. Along with other updates it also introduces new viewport widths (as far as CSS pixels are concerned) – 375px for iPhone 6 and 414px for its bigger sibling. To make matters more complex the new devices have different Device-Pixel-Ratio with 2x for iPhone and 3px for the Plus model. (more…)

How we automatically test responsive pages in mobile devices

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boredThe challenge of the responsive test – manual testing is too much work!

Responsive sites have made it to the mainstream. If you order a new website today, it is likely to be responsive. While this is a wonderful concept for the end user, it has its challenges for the developer. The meaning of browser compatibility testing (or cross browser testing) has changed. Manual test of your website in over 20 different devices plus handling the quirks of desktop browsers is a task so daunting that few even start. So how can you test a responsive website in a fast manner? (more…)

Happy new version!

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We’re glad to announce a major redesign on Browserbite, that is just the first step on a long road to improve the usabilty features on our site. (more…)

Happy holidays!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our users, friends, partners and collaborators!

We have some nice news for you but new things come on new year!


Browserbite team