Browserbite Recorder private beta

Our users have been pushing us towards releasing a tool that would help them mix user interactions with our computer vision difference detection. For now, our tool has only provided capability to test pages that have their own unique URL. Get ready for something different in the video below. ¬†Our goal with this tool is to get out-of-the-way of “normal” testing of new features and give a really fast way to send your actions for cross browser testing. We hope to reduce an hour’s work to mere minutes. The beta will support IE8, IE9, Chrome and Firefox on Windows. We will add more platforms once we are happy with the performance of the “core” browsers.

Most importantly, let us know, what do you think is a fair and simple pricing model for this kind of service? We’re looking for something that works for solo coders and well established businesses alike.

Supported features

  • Very simple recording of steps with the Chrome plugin
  • Supported actions include practically all events except for hover events¬†including filling out forms and selecting from AJAX-driven search results
  • Every step will be compared to the selected reference browser using the computer vision comparison to detect differences

The private beta is now closed and Recorder is by now discontinued. We will publish a separate blog post about our learnings of developing this product.

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