How to conduct regression testing using Browserbite

Regression testing is done whenever changes in the page are made. Alternatively, if a new browser is released. Here is a simple instruction set on how to set up a regression test in Browserbite.

1. Create initial test

Start by creating a new test of a web page and select “Change baseline and other options”.

New Test

A new menu will open. From this menu, select the “Targets” drop down list and choose “Chrome only”.

Chrome only

Press “Go” and wait for the process to end. Open the report page, right-click on the Chrome thumbnail and select “Copy image URL”.

Copy image

2. Create a new test with a custom baseline

Now select “New test” from the top menu. Fill the URL, press “Change baseline and other options” and select “Upload file” for baseline.


Paste the image URL from the clipboard to the “File name” form and click “Open”.

File name

Again select “Targets” drop down list and select “Chrome only”.

Finally press “GO”.

Press GO

3. Repeat the test

Now you have a test where the baseline image is fixed. When you want to conduct a regression test, just press “Run again” on the request page and  wait for the result.

Run again overview-request

Alternatively, you can press “Run again” from the “Requests” page.


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