Test faster – so much faster!

During the time it takes you to launch a browser, type in the address and start looking at the site, Browserbite has launched the address automatically in a lot of different browsers on different computers.

Find more issues – superhuman visual comparison

Browserbite has developed an algorithm which looks at the web page like a human being, but better. Research has shown that it detects layout issues two times better than an average tester and it never gets bored nor tired!

 One picture is a thousand words

No more you have to explain to the developer that “the login window is too wide in Internet Explorer 8”. Just send the link with a picture and highlighted area. Simple!

Cover more browsers – less is more!

Yes, there are services out there that offer you 200+ browser and operating system combinations. In reality you need just to mix and match the important ones. We have hand-picked the most representative and popular combinations of browsers and operating systems to do the tests. In reality you cannot fix every bug in the world, so there’s no need to look at every exotic browser.

Automate like a boss

Your web application requires a log on? Interactive widgets? Shopping carts? You do not need to learn programming nor Selenium. Just open your site, start recording with our Chrome plugin and send it to Browserbite for testing. Every step gets “photographed” and compared with a visual comparison algorithm. Your task is simply to decide whether its worth fixing or not!

Rinse and repeat – just one click!

It makes sense to re-check the page after fixing, right? In Browserbite it just takes one click! Just press “Run again”