Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run a test?

Just type in an address you would like to test, choose the devices and go!

How do you find the problematic areas?

We use complex image processing algorithms (patent pending) to detect differences in snapshots captured through different browsers. This is superior to any other method used on the market.

Actually eyeballing by a tester is the weakest link in the chain (research shows that an average tester detects about 30% of bugs that can be detected using the best alternative – tool + tester). Javascript is interpreted differently in different browsers and result in false negatives and positives. We’ve concluded that image processing is the way to go.

The algorithm has a detection rate of 60-99% of issues depending on the page. And it does so nearly 30x faster than manual testing would.

How do I test locally hosted web pages?

Look at the tutorial here. It describes how to set up a tunnel.
For enterprise customers we also support setting up secure VPN lines to access test services. Get in touch with us!

Why don’t you have Opera? Linux? Lynx? Internet Explorer 4.0?

We choose the devices and desktop browser and OS combinations based on their market share.  This depends on the browser usage of your target group as well! If you have fact based evidence that we’re missing a majorly used configuration, then please drop us a mail!

 Can I script events, login to a protected page, open menus etc.?

The only authentication method we partially support is BASIC authentication. Please bear in mind that we only support BASIC authentication if the web resource asks for it only once.

To test interactions, we have Browserbite Recorder in private beta (see our blog for details). It is available on limited desktop browsers right now.

What screen resolution do you use?

We currently use 1366 x 768 pixels desktop resolution since it’s the most popular desktop resolution. The browser viewport depends on the browser itself, operating system and OS styling. Devices are rendered using their native resolution in portrait and landscape.

Why don’t you have Android, iPhone?

But we do! There are plenty of devices running iOS and Android.

Do you actually run real machines with real browsers?

Yes, we do. Most machines are virtualized, but we want to give you as realistic view on things as possible. iPad runs in the official iOS Simulator by Apple. Android runs on the official Android emulator with vendor packages installed.

Do you support Flash, Silverlight, HTML5?

Flash – we have installed Flash plugins on all desktop browsers.

Silverlight – not yet.

HTML 5 – that depends on the browser capability.

Do you support offer regression testing?

Yes, we do. Currently in limited form. Learn how to do it from our blog.