Plans and pricing


150 USD per month
  • 5 domains/month
  • 50 different addresses/month
  • Unlimited tests
  • Testing behind firewalls
  • Unlimited team members
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$ 249 per month
  • 10 domains/month
  • 100 different addresses/month
  • Unlimited tests
  • Testing behind firewalls
  • Unlimited team members

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$ 999 per month
  • 50 domains/month
  • Unlimited different addresses/month
  • Unlimited tests
  • Phone support during business hours
  • Guaranteed response times
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Available now
  • We also have custom Enterprise packages available - tune the package to your needs and get extra level support!
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All accounts get

  • devices Test in 40+ mobile devices and desktop browsers
  • eye Automatic issue detection on all desktop browser. Computer vision helps you spot the differences!
  • circle Priority processing. Your tests will be run ahead of the crowd.
  • key Beta access to Browserbite Recorder to test web applications and page interactions
  • support Awesome support. We are happy when you are happy!


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Frequently asked questions

How does the domains/addresses limit work in practice?

We will enforce whichever limit you will hit first. Example You have a Agency plan then you might have 2 domains: and has 5 different pages (URL-s) and has 75 different pages. Your package limits will not be hit since your account allows up to 10 domains (you are using 2) and up to 100 different addresses (you are using 5+75=80). If you re-test for 45 times in one month, it will still count as one unique address and does not breach the account limit.

What are the cancellation terms?

You can cancel anytime and we offer money back guarantee for the first 30 days, no objections (we might be politely curious, to make our service better). Your running subscription will continue to run until the current billing cycle ends.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal through PayPal subscriptions. For annual payments, we issue invoices and accept purchase orders (PO). For further questions please contact

I need an invoice

Send an e-mail to and you'll get it!

How can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription

To upgrade your subscription go to plans and purchase a new plan. We'll refund the difference to you if you upgrade in the middle of a billing cycle. To downgrade, simply cancel your running subscription and purchase a new one. Please note that since the running subscription is charged on pro-rated basis then you can still enjoy the benefits of the bigger package until your subscription ends. Therefore it is more reasonable to switch at the end of your billing period.

How safe is my payment and credit card data

All payments are securely processed over HTTPS and your card information never touches our servers. All payment processing is done by our credit card processor, PayPal. When you start the subscription PayPal sends us a token to show that you have paid.

How does recurring billing work?

PayPal automatically charges your credit card at the end of each billing cycle, to ensure uninterrupted service. You can stop your Subscription at any time, and your plans will be active till the end of the current billing cycle. Once your billing cycle is complete, you will not be billed again.