Test Photoshop design vs real browsers automatically

You probably know that feeling when your designer ships a Photoshop design. It gets sliced, coded and finally applied to your web application or landing page. Wouldn’t it be nice to compare what the designer intended first to what got done? Well, we did it. As far as we know it’s the first service in the world to do it automatically and intelligently not pixel-by-pixel. You can call it a “design test” like the customer that requested this specific feature, does.

To use the new feature log on and under “Change baseline and other options” you’ll find a “Upload file” button. Please convert your image to PNG or JPG first – PSD-s tend to be a bit heavy!

As usual, test is against 1024×768 pixel resolution – so look that your design is aimed for that as well. Otherwise our service works as usual! Feedback welcome, as usual!

Upload baseline

P.S. We have already received a recommendation that we should enable uploading for multiple addresses as well. It’s in the backlog! Vote it up in our Uservoice forum, if you want it.

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